Rolex Wimbledon

The Rolex Wimbledon dial and model pays homage to the oldest The Rolex Datejust 36 with Wimbledon Dialtennis tournament in the world. As of 1978, Rolex began a deep relationship with the tournament, becoming the official timekeeper. This led to the creation of the Rolex Wimbledon dial almost 30 years later, in 2009.

Representing class and style, the Wimbledon dial is an accurate representation of the partnership between the two brands. This elegant dial has been combined with various Datejust models, the unofficial watch of the Wimbledon tournament.

The Datejust Wimbledon makes a striking model with its slate gray dial with black Roman numerals outlined in classic Rolex green, also serving as a nod to the tennis greens. In some Datejust Wimbledon dial models, the colors and font of the Roman numerals change, but the striking contrast and elegance remains. In addition, the Chromalight stands out against the gray of the dial.

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