The Rolex Submariner

Unlock the deep with the Rolex Submariner diver’s watch. ReleasedThe Rolex Submariner model in 1953, the Submariner model was the first divers’ watch waterproofed for up to 330 feet. Released at this time, it was a turning point in the development of divers' watches. Over the years it has collected a notable history, becoming a watch worn by 11 James Bonds.

In the over 50 years since this model was first released, it has changed in look. Now the Submariner is submersible up to 1,000 feet. It has an Oyster case size of 41mm and a distinctive dial with large, luminescent markers. It also features a rotatable bezel and an Oyster bracelet.

Despite its slight design changes over the decades, the Rolex Submariner still embodies the original model that changed the industry.

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